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I need to re-work my entire communications system; how do I get started? 
ICS can help with both evaluation of your existing configuration and hardware. We will set up a meeting to gain an understanding of your current environment and create a needs analysis. Fill out the form on our contact us page.

My phone bills are too complicated; I hardly ever read them! Could there be errors on them? 
Yes! Phonebills have errors 80% of the time and these errors are costing you money that mounts up over time. ICS audits your bills and holds the carrier responsible for those erroneous charges, plus we help you identify the areas of the bill where it may be challenging to identify even what your charges relate to.

My business is going through expansion into other locations. What solution works best?
You might consider a "Hosted Solution". This involves renting use of a system for a period of time allowing you the flexibility to change and grow during transitions such as system upgrades, relocations, or integration of business sites.

I want to re-negotiate my contract with my carrier and don't know how to do it.
The best time to negotiate with your carrier is right before your contract expires. ICS will audit your existing contract and work with you to get the best possible contract with your existing provider or help you consider the best alternative.

My company is very small, will you be able to offer me the same cost savings that you might offer a larger company? 
ICS has consulting arrangements with a variety of business entities from small to large. We can work with small companies to consolidate their services and ensure that their hardware solutions are meeting the dual goals of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

My business partner wants to switch to T1. What is T1 and why should I change? 
A T1 is a dedicated circuit with two parts, one for the local loop and also the carrier circuit. If you're currently using a 1MB phone line you're paying Universal Federal Funds for each line plus a long distance access charge and taxes. A T1 circuit allows for elimination of these costs and consolidation of your phone and internet services.