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About Us

We help our clients optimize their existing communication plans, evaluate the latest technology and recommend the best options for their unique needs.

From initial evaluation to system re-structure or implementation, we assist through each step ensuring that telecommunication goals are implemented successfully and cost effectively. We have helped many companies and municipalities save money and improve efficiency.

About Us

Integrated Communication Solutions (ICS) was founded in 2007, with the vision of providing companies with a seamless transition from traditional phones systems to VoIP (Voice over the internet protocol). During this time, companies had two separate roles of responsibilities: telecom engineer who managed the phone system and an IT manager who managed the network. In most organizations, the two departments did not communicate with each other. 

Diane Cummings, founder of ICS, realized this gap would only widen over time as VoIP continued to enter the mainstream marketplace. In 2007 she formed her own company focusing on companies with multi-site locations that needed to streamline processes, consolidate services, increase productivity and operate as a single entity.

Today, ICS has proven its expertise in infrastructure optimization & VoIP Solutions; including Enterprise Contact Centers and Disaster Recovery Planning.